Making a Road Traffic Accident Claim

28th June 2016

Steps to making a successful road traffic accident claim

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You could be anywhere in the world, either on the way to work or off to an exciting rock concert. The traffic jams are horrendous, that you would accept being a busy time anyway. Then you face a collision with another vehicle. At first you blame yourself, then you think “perhaps it wasn’t my fault”. So the driver who hit your vehicle is apologetic. You take down the details of the incident in case the worst happens it is settled amicably. Sometimes, the aftermath of a road traffic accident could be much worse, and the other driver might not be so forgiving.

In the car, we express our casual annoyance at the rubbernecking of other drivers passing the scene of a road traffic accident. Without thinking of how both parties have been affected. Both may have been shaken. The signage may have been misleading, or the weather conditions may have affected their visibility. Therefore, before you pursue a road traffic accident claim:

1. Do Not Admit Liability:

Never admit to being at fault if you realise that the accident could have been avoided, if the third party had acted differently.

2. Take Down Opposite Driver’s Details:

Take down the driver’s Name, Contact Number, Insurance Details, and his/her vehicle’s registration number.

3. Gather Evidence at the Scene:

Thanks to the wonders of technology, recording road traffic accident scenes have never been easier. Smartphone cameras are sufficient enough to capture the scene with great clarity.

4. Gather Witness Information:

This is the most valuable part of any successful claim. If your road traffic accident claim has been contested, this can work in your favour. These must include:

  • Details of the weather conditions;
  • The speed of travel;
  • Visibility;
  • The incident itself;
  • The third party’s details;
  • Witness details (if available);
  • Police presence (if any).

If you wish to pursue the claim, take heed of the above points and talk to our friendly team in central Manchester. Your road traffic accident claim is done on a No Win No Fee basis. For further information, call us on 0333 006 4099 or email us on We shall get back to you.

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