Poor Health and Safety Can Cause Oil Rig Accidents . We’ll Help You Claim.

As the offshore oil industry becomes larger and larger, more people across England and Wales find themselves employed on rigs. This leads to more oil rig accidents and injuries as even the most stringent safety precautions can fail in a potentially dangerous working environment.

Injuries sustained on oil rigs can be painful, serious, and cause financial loss. So if you’ve been injured while working offshore, you could be eligible for compensation. If you are, Personal Injury Overseas will help you claim what you’re owed. We’re available on 0333 006 4099 to discuss the details of your accident.

Hurt on a Rig? Contact PIO

An oil rig is one of the most challenging environments to work in. The companies who operate offshore rigs are bound by strict health and safety and liability legislation to keep workers as safe as possible around drills, flammable materials and the ever-present danger of the sea.

If you’ve been injured because you haven’t been provided with the correct equipment or training, or because health and safety rules haven’t been followed, you are in a position to make a claim against your employer. If you’ve been injured in the past three years, our specialist oil rig solicitors will guide you through every aspect of filing a claim and recovering compensation for your injuries.

Time Limits

The usual rule is that you have three years from the date of your accident or development of injury to start court proceedings under the laws of England and Wales. As such, it’s important to start your claim and seek expert advice as soon as possible.

Claim the Compensation You Deserve With As Little Stress as Possible

Bringing a claim can be complex and time consuming. It can also be very expensive, especially in more complicated cases. At Personal Injury Overseas, we believe that the whole process can be made simple and affordable.

That’s why PIO can offer a no win, no fee* service to workers who have had an accident on an oil rig. We try to be as friendly and flexible as possible so that we don’t add to the hardships you’ve experienced, and we aim to reclaim as much compensation as possible for your injuries, any associated costs and any required ongoing care.

Let’s start your claim today. To start recovering compensation for your accident simply fill in the form below and explain the incident which led to your injuries. We will then be in touch for a no-obligation consultation.