Accidents on Holiday Shouldn’t Leave You Out of Pocket

Your holiday was supposed to be a reward for all of your hard work. A few weeks in the sun, a city break packed with sights or a once in a lifetime adventure. But an accident on holiday can turn that hard-earned reward into an incredibly stressful time.

If your holiday has been ruined by an incident caused by a lack of health and safety procedures, you’ve contracted an illness such as food poisoning that left you confined to your hotel room, or you’ve suffered an injury that led to a hospital stay in an unfamiliar country, you don’t need to struggle on alone. Personal Injury Overseas is here to help you claim the holiday accident compensation you deserve.

Can I Make a Holiday Injury or Illness Claim?

Claiming for compensation if you’re injured in Britain can be a difficult enough prospect. But when you have to deal with foreign companies, foreign legislation and foreign courts – often in an unfamiliar language – it’s time to ask for expert help. We’re here to offer that help.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you should submit a claim after your illness or accident.

If you’re injured abroad and it’s not your fault, you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries and any financial losses. If you booked a package holiday, you may be able to claim against your tour operator as you will be protected by special package holiday regulations.

Time Limits

Once you’ve decided that you should submit a claim, it’s important to act quickly. The usual rule under the law of England and Wales is that you have three years to start court proceedings for your claim for compensation from the date of your accident or injury, but you should always seek advice about which time limits apply to your case. Different countries work on different timeframes. Some countries have shorter time limits on making a claim, while others have longer.  There are different time limits if your accident happened at sea for example. Either way, it’s time to seek expert help.

How Will PIO Help Me?

With a wealth of experience dealing with personal injury claims at home and abroad, Personal Injury Overseas can advise you and assist you at every step of the way. We’ll piece together exactly what happened, who will be liable and how much you should claim for. Then, we’ll prepare your case by gathering evidence to support your claim. We won’t stop working until your legal action has been completed, and we won’t take a fee until we’ve won your case and secured your compensation.

To tell us more about your accident on holiday, any injuries or illnesses sustained, and the details of your compensation claim, please fill out our enquiry form. We’ll be happy to examine your case.